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Perfection Box With Product R Jan20 253 (1)


CHF 790.00
Perfection Travel Kit – Designed to repair and protect skin from sun exposure, extreme cold and dehydrating air travel, the Perfection Kit contains best-selling skincare from the Perfection line with a proprietary LEC 40 formulation developed by L.RAPHAEL’s founding scientist, Professor Meir Shinitzky. LEC 40’s powerful combination of Lecithin, Omega 3 and Retinol enhances skin cells’ natural renewal process with high potency botanical extracts that restore and moisturize. Begin with a deep cleanse using Ultimate Smoothing Cleanser, Ultimate Smoothing Lotion and Proactive Cleanser. After cleansing, repair and protect with Perfection Eye Cream and Perfection Serum, followed by Perfection Cream. For an extra boost of nutrients and hydration, apply the Perfection Intensive Treatment. The result is skin that is deeply moisturized, revitalized and illuminated.
SKU: Perfection-Travel-Kit
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